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Global Sources Electronics Show

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 Global Sources Exhibition,11-14 October (Consumer Electronics, Security Products, and Electronics Components)

Asia-World Expo, Hong Kong
Booth No.:9F36
anybody want to meet there?please messege me.Thanks in advance.

Global Sources Electronics Show attracts volume buyers from more than 140 countries and features 6,000 booths of manufacturers and suppliers from China, Korea and across Asia.

Global sources electronics show

The show highlights the rapidly accelerating innovation coming out of the region through Experience Zones and Startup Launchpad, Asia’s largest collection of consumer electronics startups. Startup Launchpad is a conference track and pavilion offering buyers the chance to see the latest innovations and be first to market with shelf-ready products.

The first phase includes 3,500 booths and runs from October 11 to 14 with the focus on consumer electronics, security products and electronic components.

Fast-growing categories

include virtual reality & gaming, outdoor imaging, sports electronics, electric personal transporters, drones & robotics

NEW: Asia’s only Outdoor & Sports Electronics pavilion, 240 booths

Hong Kong’s biggest selections:

Computer Products (1,100 booths)

Automotive electronics (370 booths)

VR & Gaming (120 booths)

Electronic components, interconnects and power supplies, and the Next-Gen Components Zone (500 booths)

Global sources electronics show

It's the second time Yuliang Electronics attend the Global Sources Electronics Show.Yuliang's Electrical connectors will be showing in Electronic components sectors together with many other electrical components supplier.


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