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2016 China (Xi'an) Electronic Information Industry Expo(图文)

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 2016 China (Xi'an) Electronic Information Industry Expo
Time:12-14 August 2016
Address: Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center
Yuliang Electronics Booth No.:B3/190

xi'an expo

Scope of Exhibition

1. The new electronic components, instruments, electronic equipment and supporting integrated circuits, surface mount technology, test and measurement, electronics assembly and tools, power supply and battery, semiconductor materials and technology, passive components, discrete semiconductor devices, connectors , relays.

2. High-power semiconductor lasers apparatus, laser applications, photoelectric, navigation applications, radar, lightning protection technology, radio and television equipment, photovoltaic and semiconductor lighting, meteorological equipment and lightning protection technology, anti-static, automotive electronics, medical electronics, financial electronic applications electronic.

3. military, civil-military inosculation technologies and products, military supporting equipments, civil radar systems, weather forecasting network systems and equipments, lightning protection equipment, GPS navigation and communications products, avionics, fire control radar systems, navigation systems, electronic war equipment, electronic support / intelligence / reconnaissance systems, satellite remote sensing, electronics analog,reliability test equipment, security products and equipment, electromagnetic compatibility, embedded systems, microelectronic devices, anti-static products,etc; general aviation planes, aircrafts etc.

internet of things

4. The application of internet of things, big data and clouds computing, mobile Internet, application software, integrated circuits, information and communication technology & application, communications equipment, smart city, inteligent communications network systems, smart city management and software services, intelligent industrial technology and equipments, smart home, smart health, wisdom agriculture, intelligent transportations,etc.

5. video monitoring and protection system, social security video surveillance, network security system and protection products, systems-building programs and core linkage system solutions, public address system, prevention and community building intelligent systems, lightning protection technology and related products, intelligent transportation products and traffic safety facilities,anti-explosion, safety inspection equipment, computer security products, vehicle anti-robbery and anti-theft alarm system, LED display, GPS, GIS, ITS products, radio frequency identification products and technologies, fingerprint, iris,etc biometrics

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6. Information communication services and applications: communications terminal equipment, 3G / over 3G, mobile communications technology and equipment, broadband telecommunications services and value-added telecom services, broadband wireless access, smart terminal, Next Generation Network (NGN), the next generation Internet ( NGI),internet TV, internet games, IPTV, mobile video, interactive entertainment products and services, industry information applications and solutions, the two-dimensional code technology, digital, audio, video, storage technology and products, data communication and network technology, security and related products, optical communications, optical fiber cable; office automation equipment, information appliances, home network, digital home. 

7.Smooth screen display: LCD zone, OLED zone, touch screen, smooth screenl equipment and materials.

8. digital video & audio, smart TV, digital products, smart phones, tablets, computers and network, mobile phones manufacturing and parts, wearable devices, mobile terminals etc.

wearable devices

9, scientific instruments, electronic optical instruments, electrical measuring instruments, non-destructive testing equipment, analytical instruments, measuring instruments, optical instruments and equipment, laboratory instruments, equipment and consumptive materials, laboratory information management systems, environment monitoring equipment, equipment accessories and spare parts.



10. Exhibitions of lastest technologies developed by local governments,institutes and universities,high-tech industrial zones,economic developing zones,special industry base,etc,low carbon environment friendly and energy industrial technology exhibitions. 

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