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Typhoon Nida is comming

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 Typhoon Nida will last from August 1 to 3,Weather report says.

Typhoon Nida’s  outside is arrived in Guangzhou.the  city announced stop production,stop woking,and stop teaching.

Typhoon NidaTyphoon Nida

Typhoon Nida stretches its clutches more and more obvious, the external wind and rain has affected the eastern coast of Guangdong Province and the area near the Pearl River estuary.In the area, Chaozhou, Shantou rains quite heavily. Guangzhou Municipal Committee, City anti-flood,draught and storm headquarters commander Zhou Yawei issued social mobilization, announcing three stops.except rescue workers, the public should keep staying at home,and not go outside. the Home system open shelters for people in need. Relative departments should try their best to ensure supplying for Water, electricity, gas, transportation, communications, civil affairs, health care, staple and non-staple food.

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