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Yuliang Electronics Co.,Ltd on China Electronics Fair,Chengdu

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 China Electronics Fair, Chengdu, July 13 –15,2016, come to a perfect ending.The theme of China Electronics Fair are: Accerate

intelligent manufacturing,promote civil-military inosculation. There are 8 main exhibition district: intelligent manufacturing,

civil-military inosculation, electronic components,test and measurement,microwave radio,Internet of things and cloud applications,

smart terminal, innovation and entrepreneurship, Dongguan Yuliang electronics Co.,Ltd is in the electronic component area. Electronic

components is the basis for evelopment of information industry,and  a classical exhibition on Electronics Show. Shenyang Xinghua,

Guihang,Guangdong Kexin  Representatives of hundreds of exhibitors,show products including resistors and capacitors, connectors,

relays, power devices,circuit protection devices, discrete devices, sensors, electro-acoustic devices,etc.Yuliang Electronics' main

products are electrical connectors. Electronic connectors are small, very ordinary, but as a slogan of  the company say:Technology

connect future.Electrical connectors are widely used in most high-tech devices such as robot,remote control areoplane,VR/AR

equimments,intelligent medical devices,automatic drive car,etc.

China Electronics Fair West Show

Yuliang Electronics Co.,Ltd's Booth--Electrical connectors show


Yuliang Electronics Co.,Ltd's Booth--Electrical connectors show 2


Yuliang Electronics Co.,Ltd's Booth--Electrical connectors show 3


Dongguan Yuliang electronics Co.,Ltd manufacture electronic connectors including board to board, wire-to-board connectors, pin

header,female header connector, box header,ejector header connectors,IC card socket,high current D-sub connectors, etc.They

are widely used in LCD, laptops, computer peripherals, household appliances, automobile wiring products, telecommunication

products and mechanical facilities. In the exhibition Yuliang Electronics harvested a lot,and start negotiation with many potential


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