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Action and using for connector

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Why do use connector?

Imagine if no connector is? then circuit with continuous conductors permanently connected together, such as electronic devices to be connected to power supply | regulator, on both ends of the wire must be connected, and electronic devices and power in some way (for example, welding) fixed securely. In this way, regardless of the production or use, have brought inconvenience. Like car battery, assuming that the battery cable is fixed on the battery cell welding, automobile production plant to install battery increases the workload, increased production time and costs. The connector can dispense with a lot of trouble, buying a new battery from the store, disconnect the connector, remove the old batteries and install new batteries, reconnect connector. This simple example illustrates the advantage of the connector. It makes the design and production more convenient, flexiable and reduce the cost of the production.

Advantage for the connector

In the improving production process, the connector simplify the process of the assembling for the electronic product. Also simplifies batch production processes;  

easy to repair if an electronic component failure, when the connector is installed, you can quickly replace a failed components;

easy to upgrade as technology advances, you can update the installed Connector components, with a new, better component replaces the old increase design flexibility using connectors enable engineers to design and integrate new product, as well as the composition of the system components, with more flexibility


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